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Environmental Policy

We feel we have a deliberately small environmental footprint, but are constantly looking at opportunities to strengthen our custodianship of our little patch of the planet. We use our work with communities to lead where possible by our own example, by educating and by enthusing about protecting the areas in which we live and work and play. We seek to employ freelance artist and collaborators who share our values and commitment to sustainable creative practices.

Lead Artist Rachel Freeman grew up in the countryside and has lived in the rural idylls of England and Wales for the last 61 years. As a teenager she was a member of Friends of the Earth and Greenpeace and has spent her life campaigning and being involved in Environmental reforms. She has been a long-time member of WWOOF - World-Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms - and belongs to various wildlife protection groups. She founded a successful and busy litter-picking group in her village and is a working member of Malvern Green Space community volunteers. She's a committed vegan and drives a hybrid car, but walks wherever possible. With this background, her commitment to the environment is assured and is influential in both her work and with the company members.
EVERYBODY DANCE measures the environmental impact of its work through collecting and analysing data using Julie’s Bicycle Creative Green Tools and is committed to:
  • Monitoring and reducing use of energy and water
  • Monitoring business travel of freelancers and trustees and increasing low and zero carbon forms of transport
  • Monitoring and reducing waste and ultimately eliminating single use plastic
  • Encouraging participants to use zero and low carbon forms or transport to travel to our projects and events
  • Reducing consumption and increasing recycling of materials, food and drink
  • Used and upcycled costumes
  • Use of rechargeable equipment
  • Planning and purchasing with environmental and ethical concerns in mind
  • Highlighting environmental impact within our project themes and delivery
  • Sharing best practice throughout the organisation and with participants and stakeholders.
The Policy is overseen and reviewed annually by the Trustees.

Many of our projects are designed on environmental themes and take place outdoors (Lovely Bugs, Kingfisher and the Damselfly, Great Outdoors, Beyond the Pond, Get Outside). Wherever projects take place we aim to, at the very least, leave no trace but often leave a cleaner, litter-free space than the one we arrived at. We aim to raise awareness and to encourage communities' agency over their spaces.

At our small home-based office we have Octopus as our energy provider, we recycle waste, use energy carefully, consume vegan and where possible organic food and drink, minimise carbon emissions and waste, use recycled office stationery and printed marketing materials, maintain, repair and recycle electronic equipment.

Our driving belief has always been inclusion of people of all ages and abilities; the time has now come to broaden this aspiration to include caring for all living things.

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