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EVERYBODY DANCEOur Man in the Moone castInternational Integrated Dance Company

EVERYBODY DANCE aims to inspire, explore and create great dance experiences with disabled and non-disabled people of all ages in unexpected spaces


The woods at Croft Castle

‘The Way I See It’ explores, captures, and, shares the different ways people living with dementia perceive the world. As you walk around the Croft Castle site, you are invited to stop and listen to the recordings via QR codes...

Croft Castle QR codes
QR code1 QR Code 2 Walled Garden QR

...on a map that was made during visits with members of the Leominster Meeting Centre as they explored the environment.

oak tree

The project was conceived and led by Rachel Freeman as part of the Heritage Pathfinders project - “I noticed that it wasn’t just about the words spoken but about the pauses between, the sighs and silences, the rhythm of conversation, returning subjects, circling around thoughts, telling us their stories”

The maps are available at the visitors' entrance at Croft Castle and the project runs between June and October this year.

This is a pilot project that we hope to run in other locations - and your feedback will help us do this. Some specific questions we would love to have feedback on are:

  • What was meaningful, evocative, interesting, exciting, and/or striking in the recordings?
  • Were you able to hear the recording clearly and if not, what would help make it easier?
  • Did this experience add anything to your understanding of living with dementia?

If you can, please do get in touch by email rfeverybodydance@gmail.com or phone 07870 429528.

Thank you




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