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Welcome to everyBODY dance

What we do

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As a charity, EVERYBODY DANCE is always looking for benefactors to keep the work going alongside the support we receive from public and private trusts - following our constant round of funding applications! If you believe in our work and feel you could contribute in any way, however small, please consider using the PayPal button below. Thank you.


Rachel Freeman, founder of Blue Eyed Soul Dance Company, has been a leading UK exponent of inclusive aerial and community dance for nearly two decades. She is now Lead Artist of the company EVERYBODY DANCE, based in Malvern, and aims to build on her international experience and to work in collaboration with other artists to provide opportunities to dance.

A diverse range of projects is available including commissioned work, performance, touring, education, training and recreational workshops. The work aims to bring disabled and non-disabled people together in an inclusive context.

Aerial dance projects cater for beginners to professional level learners in both workshops and performances. Community projects bring together a diverse range and infinite number of local people and artists to develop creative ideas around a shared theme resulting in performance.

Collaborative working

Collaboration with artists, venues, institutions and individuals allows us to exploit the full creative and social potential of projects, pooling ideas, skills and resources.
The sum of the parts is greater than the whole.
The nature of the project will determine the collaborative mix. Previous dance projects have engaged digital artists, visual artists, musicians, composers, sculptors, kite makers, climbers, engineers, photographers and film makers.


EVERYBODY DANCE aims to create a level playing field where all participants can step over their thresholds of perceived possibility.
Time has shown that inclusive projects have an extraordinary potential for all participants to gain new physical and creative skills, shifting attitudes and overcoming prejudice, both their own and those around them. The beauty of inclusive work is the opportunities and challenges that different bodies offer; no assumptions can be made and new techniques have to be searched for.
The work is developed primarily through contemporary and creative dance, providing tasks and exercises that have structure but leave plenty of room for everybody's creativity. Always seeking out ways to increase the accessibility of movement we have danced in water, on sand, in very small spaces and suspended from trees and ceilings! Projects are individually planned and managed and are not necessarily accessible to everybody all the time. EVERYBODY DANCE considers every creative idea with a sense of fun and integrity.